Oral Surgery

Our oral surgery services include:


Our first preference is always to attempt to save teeth. However teeth which are heavy broken down may be beyond repair and require removal. Teeth can be removed quickly and comfortably with our gentle care and careful approach. We need to look ahead into preventive strategies so that other teeth will not suffer the same fate.

Oral surgery for wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth usually erupt at the back of your mouth in your late teens and early twenties. They pose a problem when there is insufficient room for them to erupt properly which means they are impacted.

Your wisdom teeth need removal if they cause problems such as:

  • Decay, gum disease or recurring infections
  • Damage to or crowding of neighbouring teeth
  • Cysts or tumours develop around the wisdom teeth.

We will take a scanning x-ray of your whole mouth. This enables us to assess the complexity of your wisdom teeth. We may choose to refer you to our in-house oral surgeon Dr Don Macalister for the more complicated cases. He is an expert in surgery and intravenous sedation.