Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic dentures are artificial teeth that are specifically made to replace one or more missing teeth. They can be fitted for the top gums, bottom gums or both and are removable. Modern dentures can be custom blended to look as if you were born with perfect teeth. They can either be a short or long term tooth replacement.

There are generally 4 types of dentures:

Full plastic denture — made of acrylic resin and used to replace all missing teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

Plastic partial denture — made of acrylic resin and fits on the gum. It may have wire clasps to hold it in place.

Metal precision partial denture — made of metal chrome framework with some acrylic resin parts. It fits precisely, with rests and clasps, on existing teeth. It is less bulky than a plastic denture and can last for many years.

Valplast denture — made by a new technique where a very thin flexible nylon is used. This allows the partial denture to be smaller, lighter and therefore less obtrusive in the mouth.

Before and after photos of dentures

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