Whitening your Smile

Tooth whitening is a simple and safe process that lightens discolourations of tooth enamel giving you a brighter smile. These discolourations are often caused by factors such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine, smoking, nerve damage of the tooth and also the natural ageing process. It is a conservative and effective solution for most discoloured teeth.

There are two types of whitening procedures:

Vital bleaching

One of the most effective methods of vital bleaching is take home tray whitening which is supervised by the dentist. It is a safe procedure and the level of whiteness can be controlled with the home method.

We also have an in office whitening procedure which is a faster way of whitening teeth. In most cases it takes over an hour. A whitening gel is applied to the teeth and the gel is light activated. This will whiten teeth quickly however with this system, we still recommend the take home kit to ensure maintenence of the treatment.

We make you some thin trays from moulds taken of your teeth. The trays fit snugly in your mouth and are mainly worn at night however we have a day time system as well. A gel is applied inside the tray and over a period of 10 days to 14 days the teeth will whiten several shades.

Non Vital Bleaching

This method is a conservative way to whiten discoloured root-filled teeth. The procedure involves placing the bleaching material inside the tooth which is temporarily sealed for 1-2 weeks. Once the desired colour has been achieved the bleaching material is removed from the tooth and a permanent filling is used to seal the tooth.

Before and after photos of teeth whitening

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