Root Canal Treatment

Toothache occurs when there is irreversible damage to the pulp (or nerve) often due to infection, decay, deep fillings, trauma or tooth fracture. Root canal treatment is often required for the relief of pain. The procedure involves the removal of the pulp remnants, cleaning and sealing the pulp space to prevent bacteria contamination in the root canal system. Treatment usually takes a few visits to complete.

In the first appointment an access hole is made on top of the tooth and the pulp remnants are removed. The canals are measured for length and cleaned. Then a medicament is placed in the canal system and temporary filling placed to seal the access cavity.

In the second appointment the root canals are cleaned with a sterilising solution, shaped and filled near to the root tip with a permanent filling. After root canal treatment the tooth has been restored to be fully functional. Many root canal treated teeth subsequently require a crown to protect from possible fracture.